Our Unique Sign and Plaque Making Process

How is FusionCast different from other sign and plaque manufacturers?

As global metal prices continue to rise, FusionCast provides an alternative to traditional foundry produced cast bronze, aluminum or copper signage. Our patent-pending technology “fuses” metal with high-density urethane (HDU) at the molecular level. We put metal at the front of a sign where it can be seen and touched and gradually introduce HDU towards the back where it provides a hard impervious substrate. The result is a metal sign that looks and feels like a foundry poured sign but without the weight and high production costs. But those aren’t the only benefits contributing to our growing presence on golf courses, historical buildings, dedications, businesses, upscale homes & cottages, and more…

Unique Sign and Plaque Making Process

Watch the FusionCast Metal Casting Process


How FusionCast saves you money on producing signs and plaques

Our unique “cold-casting” technology uses less metal, less energy, and less labor so our signage and plaque products are more cost effective to make savings that we can pass on to you. But that’s not the only cost-cutting opportunity. Our signage products are also lighter, so they are cheaper to ship, handle and install. They’re also very durable so you won’t need to worry about upkeep or replacement costs for a long, long time.

How can working with metal be an environmentally friendly process?

It’s not. Traditional metal foundries need to melt bronze, aluminum, copper and other metals at high temperatures which uses a lot of energy, produces harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and results in a lot of waste that ends in the landfill. But FusionCast’s cold casting technology is different. It does not require heat, produces no VOCs and 95% of all discarded material is re-couped for re-use.

Are FusionCast signs and plaques as durable as their traditional metal counterparts?

Absolutely which is why our signs and plaques are increasingly found in so many applications both indoor and out. They are impact resistant, nearly impossible to mark or scratch, impervious to oil, water, acid rain, ozone, mold, won’t fade and won’t warp. It’s the ideal sign solution. And we back that up with a ten-year guarantee!

FusionCast has a lot of examples of golf course signage and plaques. Why should this matter to me if I’m not a golf course?

Golf Course FusionCast signage can be found on over 70 of  the “Score Golf Top 100 Facilities”. If they can pass the test exposed to the baking effects of the summer sun, withstand cold freezing temperatures in the winter and put up with errant balls, angry golfers, and the occasional golf cart, you know they can just about stand up to anything. Golf courses present the perfect conditions for in-field testing making our signs ideally suited to any application.

What makes FusionCast technology ideally suited for historical plaques and civic memorials?

Cash-strapped towns, historical societies, civic organizations, etc like the fact that we can save them up to 40% over traditional metal plaques. This could translate into ordering additional signs or ones with larger dimensions. But once they start working with us they quickly discover the quality of our workmanship, the endless design possibilities, the ease of installation and confidence that the sign will stand the test of time and physical interaction.

How is a FusionCast sign a deterrent to theft?

A traditionally made solid metal sign is heavy, very heavy and can be tempting to unscrupulous recyclers for its scrap value. If stolen, the replacement cost would not be insignificant. Because FusionCast combines metal with high-density urethane, it contains less metal, making it less desirable to thieves.

How big a role does weight play in the selection and installation of a sign or plaque for budgetary calculations?

When comparing sign technologies and estimates, the overall cost from start to finish should be factored in. Consider a historical plaque made of solid metal. It can weigh upwards of a hundred pounds depending on its size. This may require special handling and installation instructions specified by an engineer to ensure both workplace and public safety. Also, imagine the damage done to a historical building by drilling and fasteners. A FusionCast sign weighs a lot less, up to 50% so it comes with fewer handling and installation headaches. Damage to facades with great heritage value is also less impacted.

“I just need an address sign so why not just go with some brass numbers I can buy at my local hardware store?”

You certainly can and many people do. But sometimes, something a bit more unique is called for to provide that finishing touch or addition to your home’s curb appeal. The pride of house or cottage ownership is often accompanied by a desire to be unique, whimsical or show some personality. That’s what a customized FusionCast sign can deliver something off the shelf products just can’t. Consider including a family name, welcome message, family motto or graphic treatments like a crest, icon or texture. Make a great first impression with friends and family or consider it as a unique gift idea.

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We are located in Canada but we ship around the world

Our lighter weight signage and plaque solutions make them cheaper to ship and install when compared to traditional foundry signs. We’ve made plaques for military bases; we’ve unveiled dedications at universities; we’re present on storefronts, houses, and cottages; we’ve produced golf course signs for countries as far away as England, Australia, China, and India as a testament to our international cost-competitiveness. American customers benefit from a favorable exchange rate and free-trade. Canadians can take pride in a solution that is local and making a difference to the environment through low-carbon emissions.

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