FusionCast Sign & Plaque Making Technology


We offer an alternative to foundry-made metal signs and plaques

Creating a sign or plaque in metal is an expensive process putting it beyond the reach of many cost-conscious municipalities, businesses, public institutions, historical societies, consumers, etc. That’s why we developed a new way of creating bronze, copper and aluminum signs that is every bit as good as its foundry counterpart but with several advantages. Our signs, are lighter, less expensive and more eco-friendly. The secret is our patent-pending formula that combines metal and high density urethane or HDU that is bonded at the molecular level. We don’t smelt, but chemically fuse metal at the front of a sign or plaque where it can be seen and felt while providing a durable substrate of HDU towards the back. The result is virtually indistinguishable from a solid metal sign but very noticeable when it comes to saving you money (see video entitled: Welcome to FusionCast).

Great signs. Lower price.

Our signage and plaque solutions use less metal so right off the bat you’re saving money on raw material costs which can be pretty high if you’re specifying expensive metals like bronze or copper. Since we fuse metal rather than melt it, we use less energy to manufacture our products. Finally, because our signs are lighter, they are cheaper to ship and easier to install. Those are additional benefits to a FusionCast sign which contribute positively to your budget.

Why is FusionCast’s technology eco-friendly?

Metal foundries melt bronze, copper, aluminum and other metals at high temperatures to create their products. This process not only uses a lot of energy resulting in carbon emissions but it also produces harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When a project is complete, the moulds are discarded and end up in landfill. But FusionCast’s cold casting process offers an alternative. It does not require energy to produce heat, results in no VOCs and virtually all discarded material (95%) is re-couped for re-use.

Are FusionCast signs strong and long-lasting?

Our signs are ideally suited for outdoor use, it’s where they excel! High density urethane has been used in the space industry for its toughness and ability to withstand heat, impact, abrasion, flex fatigue (won’t warp) and strength. It’s also non-marking, impervious to stains, mould, mildew and fungus. Our signs won’t crack or peel in wintery frost weather, nor buckle or fade in the blistering heat of summer and direct sunlight.

FusionCast technology found on golf courses around the world

Over 70 of “Score Golf Top 100 Facilities” use FusionCast signage on their courses, club houses and external branding (entrance signs, directionals, parking areas, etc). Why? Because our signs can withstand outdoor conditions 365 days of the year as well as put up with the odd golfer having a bad day. If FusionCast signs can meet the design and durability requirements of a golf course, imagine what they can do for you?

Historical and memorial applications

Our design team has worked with municipalities, historical societies, churches, civic organizations and many more to realize the unveiling of a dedication or historical plaque. Because we can work in bronze, we are able to create traditional looking plaques that can be viewed up close and touched without any concern for their durability or lustre wearing off. Our service combined with quality workmanship have resulted in many successful projects and return orders.

Why is a FusionCast sign unlikely to be stolen?

It’s not unheard of for a metal solid metal sign to be stolen for its recycled value. But the FusionCast process uses a lot less metal, so thieves would get a surprise when they attempt to cash in. When solid metal signs do get stolen or physically damaged, a FusionCast sign can be a cost-effective replacement.

A lighter sign is not only less expensive to make but also less expensive to ship and install.

The cost of a finished sign is not the only consideration that goes into cost. A solid metal sign comes with a lot of weight that is expensive to ship and handle. Additionally, installation may require wall re-inforcement, hoisting equipment, safety considerations, manpower, permits, engineering approvals etc. FusionCast signs are as much as 50% lighter, greatly reducing the above consequences that will have an overall affect on cost and logistics.

FusionCast technology versus off the shelf solutions

When it comes to address signs, we know consumers have many choices, including those offered by big box retailers. FusionCast offers something a bit more unique however that adds a certain charm or personality to your home or cottage. Our customers cite the curb appeal that comes with a customized sign offering a variety of shapes, metals, colours, font treatments, textures, icons, even images! To learn more, visit our dedicated site: www.HomeAndCottageSigns.com with lots of home and cottage sign samples that you can customize with your own information.

We ship around the world

FusionCast signs and plaques can be found on all continents (except antarctica) in places as far away as India, Australia and Hong Kong–so you know we are cost competitive. Our lighter weight solutions make them cheaper to ship and handle which is why we are able to work with a wide assortment of international clientele. US customers: take advantage of favourable exchange rates and save even more (up to 20%). Canadians: take pride in a local supplier dedicated to looking after our planet. Email or call us toll free: 1-877-858-0558 and let us be a part of your success.