FusionCast’s Brand New Addition To The Wall Of Champions

FusionCast’s Brand New Addition To The Wall Of Champions
Sep 28, 2018

FusionCast’s most recent featured project is the addition of a new plaque to the Wall of Champions at the Prestonwood Christian Academy (PCA), a PreK-12 school established in 1997. Located in Texas, the academy’s numerous campuses strive to empower students not only through education but also athletics.
PCA’s Wall of Champions is located in their Gateway Plaza. The permanent wall display of plaques was created to celebrate the best and brightest of their athletes. Every plaque on the wall honours each of the PCA’s 22 State and National Championship teams and Individual State Champions.

80% of the plaques on the Wall of Champions are made by FusionCast; their metal signs commemorate not only the names of players from the PCA Lions’, but also the name of every coach and trainer who taught them how to fight through adversity to achieve victory.

Each of FusionCast’s ornamental tablets for the Wall of Champions is made with FusionCast’s patent-pending plaque process. The process, which involves cold casting techniques that fuse metal with high-density urethane, results in a product that is as dignified and long-lasting as the achievements they commemorate.

A sharp gold border frames each plaque’s timeless black background. Using contrasting gold lettering and detail, the name of each individual and team is marked for posterity. Above each proud iteration of the ‘Prestonwood Christian Academy’ name is a finely drawn symbol of the team’s sport: basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and many more.

Plaques are not only for commemorating achievements – they are also meant to keep the memories of individuals alive, to encourage the sharing of their stories, and to inspire future generations to carry on a legacy. FusionCast’s plaques are ideal for this purpose.

FusionCast is honoured to contribute to the PCA’s Wall of Champions and looks forward to celebrating more of their athletes’ achievements. Much like the Prestonwood Christian Academy, FusionCast has always strived to promote a culture of excellence.

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