Swing Right Into Summer with an Open Sign

Swing Right Into Summer with an Open Sign
Jul 18, 2018

The sun is out, the grass is green and you know what that means – summer is finally here! This is an incredible time to open up your golf course, beat your local competitors to the punch and get people thinking about a summer of golfing.

How can you get started in a few easy steps?

  1. Put up that shiny new “Open Soon” sign!
    What better way to catch the eyes of your local neighborhood as they walk or drive by than with an eye-catching new sign? An open sign will not only get their attention but will make golf top-of-mind when they think about activities to do in their community.
  2. Create a better brand for your course.
    Branding your golf course will help you create a unique golfing experience for your customers. Now is the perfect time to start activating a better brand. Integrate your brand promotions on all your social channels and websites, and continue that experience on the grounds of your course.
  3. Activate your golf course with new signage.
    Don’t dull the shine of your bright green summer grass with rusty golf tee signs and range boards. People don’t only pay for the service, but the onsite experience as well. Make it worthwhile and upgrade your signage.

You can do this all and easily with a partner who not only knows golf but has revolutionized the golfing industry for years with world-class products.

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