FusionCast Grand Opening

FusionCast Grand Opening
Mar 02, 2018

Appearing in  Snap Oakville

We are a manufacturer of high end golf course and architectural signage using a new revolutionary cold casting processes. We are relocating to Oakville, Ontario after 6 years in Mississauga. We are excited about our new start in our new Town and happy to be a part of the Oakville Community.

Our revolutionary, proprietary and Patented cold casting process fuses, at the molecular level, ionized metal with high density urethane creating a unique and highly adaptable end product. With this unique FusionCast product we produce prestigious, high perceived value signage, memorialisation, and plaques indistinguishable from those made by traditional casting methods. Our process positions the metal to the front of the product where it will be seen while creating a foundation that does not compromise strength, durability or prestige. The Fusioncast product is completely customizable and our design capabilities are limited only by the imagination.

The Fusioncast process is completely vertical, in that we own and control all facets of the process from client inquiry through to delivery of the finished product, including ideation, graphic design, mold making, mold cutting, casting and curing, and painting and finishing. Our entire process supports environmental sustainability in that we do not create or emit pollutants, we use environmentally friendly raw materials, including paints and our mold making system is ninety percent reusable. FusionCast is green.

FusionCast- The leader in composite metal casting technology.