Fusioncast Goes Green(er)

Fusioncast Goes Green(er)
Mar 02, 2018

FusionCast is proud to announce that all of our bronze plaques and signs are manufactured using up to 100% reclaimed metal. Not only does reclaimed metal consume less energy than the traditional process of mining and smelting raw materials, but our cold casting process does not create any harmful emissions. We also recycle 95% of our mold material, demonstrating dedication to our green story from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process.

FusionCast”™s continues to strive to produce the highest quality, engineered metal cast products, in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way possible.

Our patented process blends ionized metal with an HDU (high-density urethane) backing to create long-lasting and affordable signage that is well suited for a variety of applications.

About FusionCast Inc.
FusionCast Inc. is a privately held corporation that is based in Cambridge, ON, Canada. They manufacture Cold Cast Plaques, Signs, and Dimensional Letters for the Architecture, Memorial and Golf Business”™.   Already a market leader in the Golf Segment, FusionCast is now positioned to be a serious player in the North American Architecture and Memorial Plaque and Sign Segments.

To learn more about FusionCast and their capabilities, contact their Head Office at 1-877-858-0558, you can also visit their website at  www.fusioncast.com  to learn more about how their diverse product offerings can serve your needs.

FusionCast Inc. Manufacturers of high end, custom, metal signage release sustainability report ”“ PRESS RELEASE