Custom-Built FusionCast Recognition Plaque

Custom-Built FusionCast Recognition Plaque
May 25, 2018

This May, FusionCast is excited to celebrate the business and philanthropic legacy of George A. Cohen with a custom-built FusionCast Recognition Plaque.

Cohen brought the first McDonald’s to Canada in 1967 while the franchise was still in its formative years. He is known for preserving a “solely Canadian” approach to business, from the custom menus to the fostering of Canadian jobs to the founding of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada.

“My thought process was always: we’re a separate country; we’re not part of the United States, let’s build McDonald’s in Canada, as a Canadian company! Let’s get Canadian suppliers and hire Canadian people.”

For such a massive impact on Canadian living, it’s fitting to celebrate Cohen’s achievements with lasting impressions in metal. Like all of our custom-built Award and Recognition Plaques, Cohen’s is Canadian-made, more economical than traditional casting methods and very eco-friendly.

We believe celebrating those who have contributed so much to their neighbours should not involve wasting resources. Our patented cold-casting technique saves on energy and pollution and we recycle our molds, which eliminates 95% of the waste.

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