Recognition Plaques


Let us customize a Recognition Plaque with our unique design abilities. All hardware is included. FusionCasts is lighter and more economical than traditional bronze making it ideal for these applications. We can include a personal logo on the recognition plaque with our FusionCasts process. We offer a five year warranty on coatings. These can be lasting testaments to loved ones.

Why Choose FusionCast?

  • Reduced Weight: Our FusionCasts process creates dedication plaques in bronze, aluminum, and/or copper that are lighter than traditional metal signage. The plaques can be mounted on the bench, in a tree, in a garden with minimal mounting.
  • Reduced Price: Our FusionCasts directs the metal in the signage to the surface leaving the high density urethane on the bottom giving you metal where you want it. This reduction in the overall use of metal in the signage reduces the cost of the signage but also the cost of shipping the signage since it is much lighter.
  • Endless Possibilities: Our FusionCasts process can replicate any texture or image and incorporate any combinations of colors on a tree dedication plaque.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our FusionCasts process is a cold casting technology. Since we do not heat up metal we don’t create many of the harmful toxins created during traditional metal casting. We also reuse most of our recognition plaques castings which reduces waste. FusionCasts is the perfect solution for people who are concerned about the impact of bronze, aluminum, and/or copper metal signage on the environment.