Cottage and Address Signs

Your Cottage, Your Slice of Heaven

Few things rival coming to the cottage. Taking that last turn down your road and pulling into the driveway…ahhhh. There’s the standard address number that identifies your getaway from the city but what makes it uniquely yours? A family name? An image? A welcome message? At FusionCast, we specialize in custom cottage signs. It’s become such an important part of our business that we’ve created a dedicated website at  where you can view tons of examples and order your own cottage sign. If you have a moment, we invite you to come and visit us there.

What Makes a Good Cottage Sign?

We believe address signs should show some character and personality. You could just buy some numbers from a hardware store or paint something on a piece of wood but we’ve all seen what that ends up looking like. FusionCast cast metal signs are custom made to suit your style whether that be loud and boastful or modest and understated. Our signs can include your number, street, family name, text, images, texture and choice of metal and colours. They can even show a little whimsy to bring out a chuckle from visitors and those passing by. Whatever your design, we can create it.

More Than Cottage Sign…

We started with making home and cottage address signs but we’ve also received many requests for other applications including bunkies, dock signage, boat houses, trail markers, directionals, family crests, memorials, recognition plaques, funny sayings, small business, associations, clubs, art galleries, boutique store fronts, restaurants. It’s been hard to keep up! 😉

What’s Unique About Our Signage Technology?

FusionCast uses a patented process that combines metal with high density urethane at the molecular level. The result is an engineered metal sign that is guaranteed to last a very, very long time. As evidence of our industry acceptance, our cast signs are used on over 70 of “Golf Score’s Top Facilities” where they’re subjected to hot blazing sunny days and frigid winter nights yet still look as good as the day they were installed. That’s the quality you can expect from your FusionCast manufactured cottage sign.

Just How Durable Are Our Signs?

FusionCast signs are put to the test in real world conditions: golf courses, store fronts, trail signs, memorials, historical plaques, cemeteries and more. That’s why we’re confident they will work on your cottage where they face similar challenges: UV, acid rain, hail, humidity, mud, red squirrels, falling branches, snow plows, hunters, bird droppings, frost, etc. Our home and cottage signs won’t rust, scratch, stain, warp, fade or grow mould/fungus. Cleaning only requires a wipe down with mild detergent and water.

When You Order a FusionCast Sign You’re Also Helping the Planet

Our unique process doesn’t forge metal with heat so our carbon footprint is very small. We produce no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or pollution. All our molds are recycled so we re-use 95% of what goes into our products unlike traditional methods where they end up in landfill. Cottage owners know the value of our natural environment and every little bit counts to ensuring it’s there for future generations.

We Ship Everywhere, No Matter How Remote Your Location

We’ve delivered our signage and metal cast products around the world even as far as Australia! We are based in Canada so US customers can enjoy additional savings based on favorable exchange rates.  Contact us  today with your unique, custom home or cottage sign project.