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We have a dedicated site: www.HomeAndCottageSigns.com ¬†with lots of sign samples that you can simply select and customize. Then get a proof with your information before you place your order. Just click on one of the links below. If you have requirements for a highly customized sign, tell us a little bit about your project and we’ll send you a quote.

House Signs

Your address sign isn’t just to let the postman know where to deliver the mail but a way to convey the pride of home ownership and enhance curb appeal. So why settle for numbers and letters anyone can buy from their big box hardware store when you can customize your address to suit your home’s unique design or your own personality. An elegant address sign made with our patented process can use a variety of metals, paint colours and embellishments. Best of all it’s guaranteed to last a very, very long time.

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Personalized Cottage Signs by FusionCast

Cottage Signs

Hey nice looking cedar sign with your name on it! Trouble is, those signs look fine when you first buy them but over time, they fade, crack, peel and look like something more suited to a haunted house. Cottage signs don’t lead “sheltered” lives, they’re exposed to all sorts of frigid cold temperatures in the winter and baking harsh sunlight in the summer. They’re menaced by wildlife, shot at by hunters, covered by snowplows and ravaged over time. What you need is a sign that will stand up to the elements and still look as good as they day it was installed, guaranteed!

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Professional Cottage Industry Signs by FusionCast

Cottage Industry

Our metal signs impart a sense of prestige and value that a plastic or neon sign just can’t. If you’re a Walmart or Best Buy, this probably isn’t the right sign solution for you. But if you run a B&B, restaurant, antique store, gallery or any other business where you wish to convey quality and confidence, our custom metal signs will do just that. Many service-oriented businesses also use our signs including: law offices, health professionals, consultants to just name a few.

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Unique Cottage Sign Designs & Gifts

Unique Gifts

A metal sign must convey important information, right? That’s why it can throw people for a loop when the message is something they didn’t expect like: “On this site nothing happened”, “In memory of Teddy Bonacini who hated this park and everyone in it” and “Beware of… well just beware”. Come up with your custom message and surprise that person with a gift that will be laughed at and admired over an over again!

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