FusionCast Launches FusionCore


What Is FusionCore?

Imagine three polymer (plastic) sheets laminated together like an Oreo cookie: black on two sides and a lighter colour in the middle. When the sheet is engraved, the white interior shows through for a high-contrast textured sign. The polymer used in FusionCore is high-impact-resistant and able to withstand the physical rigours of public space and external environments better than conventional signs. FusionCore signs won’t rot, de-laminate or warp making them ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications especially golf courses. Many colours available to choose from (see below).


How is FusionCore Different from FusionCast?

FusionCore is a laminated polymer that is custom engraved and can include text and line art images. FusionCast is a cold casting process that combines metal with high density urethane for a custom sign or plaque that looks and feels like a traditionally forged sign but at a fraction of the cost. A FusionCast sign can include different metals (bronze, aluminum and copper) as well as endless design possibilities including photographs, images, texture, colour and text. FusionCore signs are multi-layer polymer (without any metal) and come in set number of colour combinations. Artwork on FusionCore signs is limited to line-art treatment combined with type.

Where Can FusionCore Be Used?

FusionCore signage is ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor environments and areas of high physical interaction. Our customers have used them on golf courses, hospitals, retail, accommodation, way finding, athletic centres, parks, trails, parking lots, directionals, washrooms and pretty much anywhere, where highly visible, bright, strong and easy to maintain signage is needed.

When Should FusionCore Not Be Used?

FusionCore products are colourful and a great way to communicate simple messages. They may not be entirely suitable for more high-end applications that require a degree of prestige, tradition or importance like a historical plaque, hall of fame award, donor wall or premium corporate branding. FusionCore is also not able to offer textured backgrounds, realistic photography or 3D imagery. In those cases, FusionCast’s custom metal solutions would be a better alternative.

What is FusionCore’s Price Point?

FusionCore is positioned in between cheaper tin signs and more expensive cast metal signs.

How Long Does It Take to Get a FusionCore Sign Made?

A straightforward FusionCore sign order can typically be processed in one week (compared to 4-5 weeks for a metal FusionCast sign). Our new Stock Golf Program Offerings features a variety of popular golf signs that are ready to ship in 24 hours. Custom orders involving colour infills, acrylic graphics, specialty colour choices and/or matched logos are subject to additional time, please inquire.

FusionCore Comes in a Variety of Colours

FusionCore comes in 18 layered colour options. In each case, the external colour can be routered or engraved to reveal the contrasting colour within. Additional colour can also be added to FusionCore signs by infilling with pre-mixed paint. Or custom acryllic output can be adhered to your sign when full colour or logo matched applications are called for.

Signs for Golf Courses

FusionCore is a great complement to FusionCast signs for more cost conscious golf courses. For example, FusionCore can be used on directional signage, parking areas, golf cart paths, club house way finding and other utilitarian uses, while higher prestige applications like tee signs, tee blocks, range boards, hall of fame walls and recognition plaques can be undertaken in FusionCast metal. FusionCore’s bright appearance, ease of legibility, durability and design possibilities make them a great option on public and private courses alike. Customization can include custom shapes, logo matching, specialty colours and full colour imagery (e.g. course map). Their strong impact resistance will ensure they are around to do the job for quite a long time with little to no maintenance. FusionCore now comes in a range of Stock Golf Program Offerings in different shapes and sizes for quick ship.

Signs for Business

Store fronts and retail locations have used FusionCore signs to communicate brand, location, aisle names, products, directionals, washrooms and many other examples. The colour options combined with durability make them suited for physical interaction with customers indoors or outside. Customization can include specialty colours, logo matching and acrylic output.

Signs for Way Finding

FusionCore’s ability to withstand frigid conditions in the winter and heat in the summer without de-laminating or cracking, make these signs perfect for way finding and directionals. Signs can be cut to any shape and include text, arrows and line images in a variety of colours.

Signs for Parks and Trail Signs

Parks and public trails can be high trafficked with little to no supervision. That’s why a sign needs to be durable and able to withstand abuse both man-made and natural. FusionCore can step up to the plate with a tough sign that is still fun and inviting.

Public Signage

Public signage can be found all around us. They communicate important information so they need to look their best and above all be durable. FusionCore signs can be found on public golf courses, parking lots, washrooms, sports fields, parks, public paths and so much more.

FusionCore Ships World Wide

Our FusionCore signage solutions are lightweight and strong making them easy to ship anywhere. We’ve shipped to places as far away as Australia, Hong Kong and England. So no matter where you are, find out how we can help you with your signage requirements and contact us today.