Choosing the Right Sign

When we developed the FusionCast process, we did so in response to a need we felt was left open by traditional manufacturers of metal signs. We’re talking about foundries that melt metal and pour it into a mould. The process was costly, created a lot of pollution and many times proved inflexible in terms of design possibilities. Revolutionary technology, versatile design options, long-lasting durability, and an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing compile into a cost-effective and beautiful solution for all your sign and plaque needs.


Fusioncast mixes metal with high-density urethane in a unique patented process. The metal is most compact on the surface where you can see and touch it while less dense in the back. The bond takes place at a molecular level using a cold casting process that does not require the metal to be melted. Heavier metal signs and plaques require additional shipping and installation costs and considerations, that can be avoided with our lightweight technology.


Our new cold casting process lifts the more expensive and beautiful bronze, copper or aluminum to the surface where you can appreciate it. The durable high-density urethane sits below view, where it can be appreciated too – but in terms of price. Pay for the metal that you see, not for what you don’t.


Traditional metal casters’ moulds are expensive, so they offer their customers standard designs and shapes. We can also work in a variety of metals (bronze, copper and aluminum or a mix of all three!) as well as produce works in relief. With FusionCast your options are unlimited. If you can imagine it, we can do it. Our team of technical experts will work with you to accommodate your unique needs.


FusionCast uses patented technology that fuses metal with high-density urethane, the same stuff used in the space industry. The result is a strong product with extra toughness and durability that won’t warp, crack, scratch or be affected by mould, mildew or staining. All our products come with a 10-year warranty on craftsmanship and construction and a 20-year warranty on the substrate.


Our patented cold-casting technology means that we don’t heat the metal that goes into our products, making FusionCast the environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional metal casters who use plenty of energy to melt their metal and generate harmful gaseous emissions and slag waste.

Making the right choice

When it comes to choosing a sign, we know there are many choices. Things can get confusing or overwhelming given all the options. We’re here to help. If we think your project is better suited to another technology, we’ll tell you as much. We’d rather have satisfied customers who endorse and recommend FusionCast rather than a quick sale. So if you’re looking for a reliable sign and plaque making solution, give us a call and let’s talk.