Case Studies

Niagara Falls Heritage Plaques

When the Heritage Department at the City of Niagara Falls decided they needed eight plaques to commemorate a number of historical buildings on Queen Street, they turned to FusionCast. The City’s planning team had a number of criteria to address — most important of which was mounting high quality plaques that would reflect the importance and prestige of the buildings they were identifying. Additionally, the plaques needed to withstand physical interaction from pedestrian traffic as well as changing environmental conditions from freezing conditions in the winter to baking heat in the summer.

Working closely with the FusionCast Design Team, each plaque was designed and created to exacting standards, illustrating in detailed relief the buildings being commemorated. FusionCast worked with the City of Niagara Falls through the entire process including editing the copy, assisting with the review process through respective approval committees and even arranging and overseeing the installation of all eight plaques.

The result was a series of made-in-Canada plaques using FusionCast’s Patented process complete with detailed reliefs. The project was delivered and installed in time for the busy tourist season and met with 100% client satisfaction. And, because the plaques were not cast from solid bronze as per traditional methods, they were not only more economical but much lighter making them easier to ship and install.

If your city, town or community is looking for a cost effective way to commemorate a building, historical event, point of interest or other noteworthy location, consider a FusionCast solution.

How & Why To Sell To The Deathcare & Memorial Marketplace

The deathcare industry in the United States and Canada has over 22,000 funeral homes, approximately 115,000 cemeteries and 1,155 crematories. The total U.S. deathcare industry was $11.95 billion in 2007, a large percentage of which was directed towards bronze plaques, markers and dedications. Although there are one or two large corporations in the Deathcare Industry, they don’t control even 10% of the total market. Therefore, the majority of businesses involved in deathcare in your community are independently owned by local entrepreneurs just like you, making the deathcare market very approachable, and potentially profitable, for you.


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