Pet Plaques

Pets touch our hearts and become full blown members of our family, and it can often be difficult to do them the justice they deserve when they pass on. At FusionCast we have had many customers come in with stories just like this who left thrilled with some options we had available. A custom pet plaque to remember your pet can take many forms, from an in ground grave stone, to a decorative piece of art with a detailed relief that is created from a photo of your beloved pet. A custom pet memorial will surely warm your heart for years to come and becomes a truly beautiful testament to their memory.

Memorializing your Pet

The passing of a cherished pet can be remembered in many different ways from a framed photo, video or even a painted portrait. For those wanting the revered long-lasting elegance that only a bronze plaque can bring, consider FusionCast technology. Our process does not limit your choice to a few cookie cutter shapes and sizes but is completely customizable to suit your design, your budget and memory of your pet.

Our pet plaques, pet urns and grave markers can be any size, any thickness and include an image, relief, lettering, symbols or even different metals. They are lighter than traditionally made metal signs making them easier to ship and install.

Another popular use of FusionCast technology is memorial walls that list pets, donors to a pet shelter or other collection of notable names. The end result is a professional dedication to a cause or loved one that will promote participation or keep a memory alive. Our technology not only makes all types of customization possible but is lightweight (easy to mount) and less expensive than other tradional metal manufacturing.

So if you're thinking about a unique way to memorialize your pet with a customized metal plaque, donor wall or other type of commemorative sign, give us a call — we're pet owners too!

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