Life Markers – Cremation Memorialization


Niche Plates

FusionCast™ Memorials recognizes the need to be both creative and inscription conscious when designing options for Niche Plate Memorialization. Whether it is theme oriented, cosmetic oriented or just simply a niche plate without more screws than inscription we understand the importance of a unique design to offset limited inscription space. Our FusionCast™ process allows for a variety of design options adding significant value to cremation memorialization.

Scattering Gardens

As the concept of the Scattering Garden option increases in popularity FusionCast Memorials has the ability to create unique themed Memorialization opportunities to capture the essence of any designated Scattering Garden area.

Why Choose FusionCast™?

  • Reduced Weight: Our FusionCast™ process creates signage that is lighter than traditional metal signage giving you flexibility in your options for mounting the signage.
  • Reduced Price: Our FusionCast™ directs the metal in the signage to the surface leaving the high density urethane on the bottom giving you metal where you want it. This reduction in the overall use of metal in the signage reduces the cost of the signage but also the cost of shipping the signage since it is much lighter.
  • Endless Possibilities: Our FusionCast™ process can replicate any texture or image and incorporate any combinations of colors.