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Dedications, Memorials and Achievements: Creating lasting impressions...

For thousands of years, man has created objects and structures to immortalize a person, event or deity. Think of the pyramids in Egypt, the large carved heads on Easter Island, presidential portraits at Mount Rushmore or Indian totem poles. While countless examples have been lost to the sands of time, many still remain filling us with wonder and amazement.

Modern day examples exist all around us connecting people together, telling a story or recording history for future generations. FusionCast has played a significant role to this end by providing a revolutionary new technology in plaque and sign making. Previously, a dedication plaque was made of solid bronze in a foundry. The process was costly; came with design restrictions and was bad for the environment in terms of airborne and physical pollutants. More recently, given the increase in the cost of precious metals, theft of bronze plaques for their recycling value has become a more more common occurrence.

FusionCast's patent-pending process changed all of that by combining metal with high density urethane (HDU). The front of the sign that people can see and touch consists of concentrated metal while the back has a lower concentration of metal fused with HDU. This process results in using less material helping making the plaque lighter, less expensive, easier to handle and install. Since the metal is not heated, but rather combined under great pressure, no harmful emissions or pollutants are released during the process and our moulds are reused at a rate at 95%. Click here to view samples of our work.

FusionCast has opened the door to many new opportunities given the benefits and advantages of this new process. Limitless design possibilities together with affordability and the comfort of knowing it's more eco-friendly makes FusionCast the right choice for a great number of applications:

  • pet memorials
  • donor walls
  • tree and bench dedications
  • tourist signs
  • hall of fame plaques
  • historical plaques
  • sporting achievements
  • monument plaques
  • cemetery markers

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