Low Relief "in depth"

A "low" relief, sometimes referred to as "bas-relief" from the French word meaning "low" is a method of sculpting stone or metal with a shallow depth. It's not fully three dimensional nor is it just etched but somewhere in between. The variations in depth create a realistic carving for an added life-like effect to plaques and signs.

Extruding the carving even further transforms it from "low" to "high" relief where more dimension comes to light for an even greater dramatic presentation. Here the work looks more like sculpture anchored to a flat background blurring the line between a plaque and sculpture.

Whatever the technique, FusionCast's technology is perfectly suited to produce signs and plaques with these relief effects. And it need not just be limted to people or faces but can include lettering, background textures, decorative embellishments and much, much more.

So if you're looking to create three dimensional plaques or signage that will have an impact on those looking and touching them, including:

  • memorials;
  • commeratives;
  • church panels;
  • historical signs;
  • grave markers;
  • address signs;
  • name plates;
give us a call and let us show you what we can do.

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