The FusionCast Advantage

Over one third of Canada’s top golf courses have turned to FusionCast for their golf signage requirements. We have undertaken everything from full course signage systems to single golf signs. Wayfinding golf signs are among some of the more popular requests as facilities undergo renovation and/or expansion. The advantage of our process is customization. We can adhere to any existing design or brand with high quality golf signs that match colour, texture, logos and even images.

FusionCast’s Patented technology combines metal with high density urethane (HDU) for a lighter cost cutting golf sign that is indistinguishable from its traditional metal counterpart. It looks and feels like a solid metal sign but with several advantages:

  • FusionCast golf signs are much lighter making the easier to handle, ship and install
  • FusionCast golf signs use less metal make them less expensive to make ”” saving you money
  • FusionCast’s cold casting technology is eco-friendly with no airborne or solid pollutants or emissions
  • FusionCast recycles up to 95% of the material that goes into making our signs ”” good for the earth and your pocket


Durabilty That Comes with a Guarantee

But most of all, golf wayfinding signs need to stand up to the elements. This is where our technology really excels. FusionCast golf signs can weather the most extreme environmental fluctuations without warping, cracking, staining or becoming susceptible to mould or mildew. They are incredibly tough and able to withstand impact ”” something we see as a “must” for outdoor golf signage. That’s why we back every golf sign with long warranties in writing.

FusionCore: A New Addition to our Wayfinding Golf Signage

FusionCore polymer golf signs are a great complement to FusionCast metal golf signs when a more cost-effective solution is all that’s required. FusionCore consists of coloured polymer (plastic) sheets that are laminated together under great pressure. When the sheet is engraved, the interior colour shows through for a high-contrast textured golf sign. The polymer used in FusionCore is impact-resistant and able to withstand the physical rigours of public interaction and outdoor environments. FusionCore wayfinding golf signs won”™t rot, de-laminate or warp making them ideal for golf course signage especially  wayfinding. FusionCore comes in many colours and is part of a collection of  Stock Golf Sign Program Offerings  which can be ready to ship in as little as 24 hours.

So whether you need a single replacement golf sign or a series of golf yardage markers, directional, washroom or facility signs, consider FusionCast technology. Take a look at our  GALLERY  of golf signage products or download our  brochure  and we think you’ll quickly see the difference a FusionCast golf sign can make.