You’re in Good Company with FusionCast

Is your golf course looking for prestigious, full course branding? Join one-third of  Score Golf’s  100 Top Golf Courses in Canada  to feature FusionCast golf signage, including:

  • Glen Abbey
  • Magna
  • St. Georges
  • Rocky Crest
  • Toronto Golf Club
  • King Valley

Our 21st century technology combines ionized metal with High Density Urethane (HDU) to produce long lasting, elegant golf range board signage with complete design flexibility including choice of metal, finish and a variety of colours. The reduced weight of our golf range boards lends itself to a wide assortment of mounting options.

Superior Design That is Long Lasting and Sustainable

Being in control of the entire manufacturing process from design to mounting, our in-house graphic designers can work with the theme of your golf course to produce custom golf range board signage to complement your course’s branding.

FusionCast artisans hand craft each sign using ecologically friendly methods. Unlike traditional casting methods, the moulds we use have a 95% recycle rate and our unique process utilizes cold casting technology which releases  no  carcinogens into the atmosphere. Our automobile quality paints not only keep your sign’s colours brilliant for longer, they are also low VOC paints to help keep our planet green.

FusionCore: A New Addition to our Custom Golf Range Boards

Now announcing FusionCore, a more cost-conscious solution to our golf range board line-up. FusionCore is comprised of coloured polymer (plastic) sheets laminated together under great pressure. When the sheet is machine cut, the contrasting colour shows through for a high-impact textured golf range board. The polymer used in FusionCore is extremely durable and able to withstand the physical rigours of outdoor environments and public interaction. FusionCore custome golf range boards won”™t rot, de-laminate or warp making them ideal for golf course signage. FusionCore comes in many colour options and is part of a collection of  Stock Golf Sign Program Offerings  which can ship in as little as 1 day.


Please note single sided Range Boards come with a kick stand that does not require a design. Double sided Range Boards are an option if you want yardages, a clock, or logo on both sides. Also, double-side signs need not match, for example Side 1 could have yardages and side 2, just a logo.

Let FusionCast’s composite metal signs or multi-layer polymer signs be your first choice for any change, modification, or enhancement to your golf course signage requirements. Take a look at our  GALLERY  of golf sign products or download our  brochure  and we think you’ll quickly see the difference a FusionCast golf sign can make.