A Special Plaque for a Special Memory

FusionCast’s patented technology can be used to create unique memories in metal for that special friend. Our design team can take a photo and transform it into a cast metal plaque with great precision and detail. Choose between bronze, copper or aluminum and add texture, frames, cutouts, colour and more.

Cast Metal Plaques for a Variety of Applications

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on many projects featuring animals. We know how passionate our customers can get and we strive to deliver by capturing an image, special message or texture treatment. To create depth, we can undertake “bas relief” for a sculpted look or “flat relief” which renders the image on a few levels. It all depends on the intended use and the look being achieved.

Promotional Opportunities

Recently, we were participated in a bid to recognize Stan the Cat’s bid for mayor in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Designed to raise awareness of Halifax’s feral cat problem, the initiative received considereable publicity with mention by Ellen DeGeneres and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Visit www.tuxedostan.com to learn more and support the cause.

Memorials and More…

Sometimes our customers come up with other unique ways to showcase their pets. In this example from California, paw prints were included on a cast address sign. Whatever you can come up with, we can make. All our plaques and metal sign products are guaranteed for outdoor use and happily enjoy the blazing heat and frigid winter nights. They won’t warp, fade, crack, peel or get mold/fungus. And they clean with just water and detergent.

We Ship our Pet Plaques Around the World

We’ve delivered our unique pet memorials and pet plaques to every continent (except Antarctica). So if you have a special friend you’d like to honour contact us today.