Memorials & Recognition Gallery

Creating memories with metal plaques customized to your requirements

We’ve created memorial plaques for parks, cemeteries, universities, buildings, clubs, associations, hall of fame walls, service organizations and more. Plaques made with our unique metal casting technology look great, they’re durable and have outstanding physical properties for outdoor applications. A FusionCast plaque is guaranteed to continue to honor and acknowledge the achievements of an individual, event or place long after its unveiling. They are easy to maintain and won’t fade, crack, peel or weather over time.

A New Metal Casting Technology

Unlike traditional foundries that cast metal under high heat, our technology combines high density urethane with metal at a molecular level. The result places metal where you can see and feel it while providing a solid durable substrate making it ideal for outdoor applications where it needs to stand up to the elements.

An Eco-Friendly Process

Our customers are often surprised that working with metal can actually be eco-friendly. Traditional foundries that cast metal use a lot of energy resulting in a significant carbon footprint. They also produce volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and landfill as their molds do not get re-used. FusionCast’s cold casting technology does not require a lot of energy and produces no VOC’s. And 95% of all our materials are recycled for re-use. So you’re not only getting a great plaque, you’re also helping the planet.

Why FusionCast is Priced Just Right

Our plaque and signage products use less metal and are more economical to produce, so we can pass up to 40% in savings compared to other metal plaque solutions. Our plaques are also lighter making them cheaper to ship and install. We may not be the cheapest solution and depending on your application perhaps a tin, plastic or other substrate may do the job. But in terms of appearance, durability, customization and suitability for memorial and recognition applications, FusionCast delivers unrivaled value.

We Ship Around the World

We are based in Canada, but we ship around the world. In fact we’ve sent metal plaques and signs to six continents and as far away as Australia, Hong Kong, India and England. It’s economical because our products are up to 50% lighter making them cheaper to ship and install. Contact us now with your next project and let us deliver memorable results.