Awards and Recognition Plaques

For Those VERY Special Occasions

When it comes to a trophy or an award, we know there are many options out there. And to be honest, most are cheaper than the cast metal solutions we offer. Everyone has a kid with a shelf full of sports achievement plaques and awards. They tend to be engraved metal plates on some plastic representation of an athlete, event or sporting equipment. But that’s not what we are about. Our recognition solutions are fully customized and objects of revered stature. When given out, they feel substantive, contain real metal and are engraved with custom textures, images and/or logos. A FusionCast award is a unique thing of beauty and prestige worthy of the honor bestowed upon its recipient.

Unique Achievements Call for Unique Solutions

We have fulfilled many requests to come up with something unique and different to recognize special people and events. From hole in one plaques, to biggest fish trophies, to cleanest rest room and industry achievements. You can supply us with a napkin sketch concept or have our design team come up with some ideas based on their wealth of experience and expertise. Whether it’s shape, metal type (bronze, aluminum or copper), image or inclusion of a photo, our award plaques are sure to stand out.

Our Cast Recognition Plaques Work In and Outdoors

Many award manufacturers can create solutions intended for a trophy case or a hall of fame wall. Outdoor applications however, present bigger challenges including the effects of UV, acid rain, heat, frost and more. FusionCast recognition plaques were developed to withstand all kinds of weather and physical interaction. Our formulation results in cast metal products that are tough and durable. They also impact resistant making them ideal for public space where physical interaction is a common occurrence. They won’t abrade, mark, stain, warp or grow mould or fungus. Maintenance is easily undertaken with a mild detergent followed by rinsing with water.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s hard to believe working with metal can be benign to the planet but our process offers several benefits over traditional metal casting techniques. We don’t melt, we fuse metal using a cold casting patented technique. Moreover, all our molds are recycled so that we re-coup 95% of what goes into making our metal plaques. Less fuel, less pollution, less waste—that’s what we’re about.

We’ve Sent Our Award and Recognition Plaques to All Parts of the World

We have customers and clients around the world so we’re no strangers to working with a variety of requests. Our cast metal plaques are lighter than their traditional metal counterparts which makes them easier and cheaper to ship. Contact us today and let us help you create an award that will be met with a standing ovation.