Architectural and Commercial Signage Gallery

Your Signage Partner

We’ve partnered with many builders, architects, designers and business owners to come up with unique solutions for their cast metal sign requirements. While our patented technology results in sign and plaque products that are more cost effective, it’s our customization that makes us successful. We can cast in bronze, copper and aluminum or all three—something unique to our process. Then we can add paint, texture, images, full colour logos and more. If you can imagine it, we can make it.

More Than Just Signs

Corporate signage programs need not just come in a square dimension. We can produce any shape and not be limited by pre-existing molds. Everyone of our solutions is tailored to your project—not a shoe-horn solution. We can re-produce any shape, create individual letters or custom make architectural elements as part of a larger installation. Take for example, this multi-level decorative trim for Walgreens in Atlanta. It proved more cost effective than poured metal, and a lot more durable than wood or plastic. So if you want to break out of the square, we can think outside the box.

Our Cast Signs Work In and Outdoors

Many manufacturers can provide assurances that their signs will last a long time indoors where they are not exposed to harsh elements like UV, frost, heat, acid rain and more. Outdoors is however, a different matter. FusionCast signs were developed with this in mind which is why we’ve been adopted for use on over 70 of “Score Golf Top 100 Facilities”. Our formulation results in cast signage that is super tough and durable. It is also impact resistant making it ideal for public space where physical interaction is likely. It won’t abrade, stain, mark, warp or grow fungus/mould. Maintenance is just a wipe down with a mild detergent and water rinse. How perfect is that?

Looks Great And Costs Less

We know that by the time a construction project is nearing completion, money is starting to get tight. FusionCast’s patented technology is a more cost-effective solution over traditional foundry methods because it uses less metal. Less metal adds up to savings and results in a lighter sign—making it cheaper to ship and install. Typical projects will see a 40% savings in costs and even more pending shipping, installation and current exchange rates (all pricing in Canadian dollars).

We Ship to All International Destinations

We’ve shipped to six continents and to places as far away as Australia, Hong Kong and England. To do business around the world, means you have to deliver and you need to get it right the first time. In FusionCast, you have a professional, experienced and proven provider of custom metal signs. Contact us today and let us play a role in your success.