The Problem with Traditional Metal Forging Techniques

The EPA has identified metal foundries as a major source of hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions which can include: acetophenone, benzene, cumene, dibenzofurans, dioxins, formaldehyde, methanol, naphthalene, phenol, pyrene, toluene, triethylamine, and xylene. Exposure to these substances has been demonstrated to cause adverse health effects, including cancer and chronic or acute disorders of the respiratory, reproductive, and central nervous systems. But the harmful effects are not limited to emissions of poisonous gases. Other types of waste products generated by foundries include: liquid emissions, solid waste (from moulds), investment casting waste, cleaning room waste and slag wastes. Finally, generating great amounts of heat to melt metal leaves behind a large carbon footprint.

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The FusionCast Greener Alternative

FusionCast's technology is a "cold casting" process which means our signs and plaques are made without having to heat the metal that goes into our products. As such the process produces virtually no harmful emissions or harmful air pollutants (HAP). And unlike traditional casting methods, 95% of FusionCast moulds are recycled resulting in far less waste and use of raw materials. Not having to melt metal means we use less energy and because our products are much lighter, they're require less energy to ship and handle. FusionCast uses ecologically sustainable products and processes in our production to ensure a greener future. If you're looking for great signage solutions that are also environmentally sustainable, consider the FusionCast alternative.

fusioncast technology


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