Donor Wall

With tough economic times, churches, hospitals and other organizations increasingly have to rely on the generosity of their donors. Multi-million dollar donations make the headlines but more often than not, it's the smaller amounts from many people that provide financial sustenance. One of the ways to acknowledge these important contributions is a donor wall — a place where personal and corporate philanthropy can be recognized.

A donor wall can take many forms. It can be a single plaque that proclaims the efforts of an individual donor or group, for the launch of a new building, playground, park, club, association, or other noteworthy initiatives. Or it could be a series of smaller plaques that acknowledges ongoing efforts and contributions towards a common goal.

FusionCast has had the opportunity to work on a number of donor wall plaques and can help you come up with a customized solution for your organization. Our technology combines metal with high density urethane to create durable plaques, signs, reliefs and other products where the prestige of metal is required without the weight or cost. Because FusionCast's Patented process uses less metal, our plaques are much lighter that traditional foundry made pieces. That makes them not only less expensive to produce but much easier to handle and install. Heavier solid metal plaques may require special mounting considerations or reinforcements and in some cases, even the services of a structural engineer. That's not the case with FusionCast.

Our ability to customize plaques is where our technology truly excels. We can work with your designs or offer the services of our in-house art department to come up with a variety of creative possibilities. We can include different metals (bronze, copper or aluminum), colour, logos, textures and even images done in relief. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

So if you would like to create a public display to acknowledge individual financial support, let us show you we can help make it happen.

Donor Wall

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