Custom Plaques

At FusionCast we make custom plaques by combining metal with high density urethane at the molecular level. This Patented process concentrates metal on the face of the plaque where you can see and feel it (see diagram [link to fusioncast/revolutionary.html]). The result is virtually indistinguishable from traditionally made foundry signs but is much lighter and less expensive.

"Lighter" means our products are easier to ship and handle. They are also easier to mount and install generally requiring no special substrate, brackets or additional reinforcement. Try doing that with a regular metal sign that, in some cases, can weigh hundreds of pounds. Anyone who has ever picked up even a small statue made of solid bronze will quickly remark on its heaviness.

"Less metal" means less cost which we pass on to you. That's money you can pocket or you can consider ordering an additional plaque — one for public display and one to be presented to the recipient or their representatives.

Where FusionCast plaques truly excel is: customization. All metal signs can be fashioned in one way or another but our cold casting method truly knows no bounds. Where molten signs made in a foundry adhere to cookie-cutter shapes and sizes (the cost of a new frame is prohibitively expensive), FusionCast has no such limitations or restrictions. Our plaques can be made to any size, employ a variety of metals (bronze, copper and aluminum), include colour, logos, textures and even images in 3D or relief (link the word "relief" to fusioncast/low-relief.html).

Nor does using FusionCast technology require a compromise in durability. All our plaques, signs and other metal products come with multi-year warranties against cracking, staining, warping and mildew. Their exceptional resistance to impact and abrasion makes them ideally suited for public installations like golf courses, heritage buildings, dedications, memorials, etc. FusionCast plaques also deter unscrupulous "recyclers" who steal precious metals for their scrap value.

So if you are looking for a custom metal plaque to recognize individual achievement, capture a historical event, identify a building, business or home address, or provide way finding and direction, consider FusionCast technology by calling us today.

Custom Plaques

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