Custom Metal Signs

FusionCast technology has revolutionized the metal signs making process. We combine metal with high density urethane (HDU) to create durable, long lasting custom metal signs that can stand up to the harshest of environmental conditions — frigid cold, extreme heat, acid rain, etc. Additionally, our signs won't warp, chip, stain, scratch or be subject to mould or mildew. In short it's the perfect combination of design possibilities with strength.

The process starts with your requirements including metal options: aluminum, bronze and copper (or all three combined), dimension, colours (we can match Pantone swatches), texture, logos, etc. We can work with your designers, sketches and napkin drawings or offer the services of our in-house art department to achieve the design you're looking for.

We then set into production at our high-tech facility that employs no melting of alloys in the process. Our Patented technology consists of "cold casted" metals, so our process is very eco-friendly emitting no toxic airborne pollutants. Moreover we recycle 95% of the moulds used in the process. Even if you don't believe in global warming, a smaller footprint and re-use of materials saves money which we can pass along to you.

Speaking of saving money, the FusionCast process utilizes less metal which results in two very significant outcomes that makes us very attractive to our customers. Because we use less metal, our signs are significantly lighter as well as less expensive to make. Think of how difficult shipping, handling and installing a solid metal sign could be? A solid bronze sign could way hundreds of pounds requiring special mounting considerations and in some cases the services of a structural engineer. Our signs have every bit the look and feel of a traditionally made sign but they are much lighter.

In short, FusionCast metal signage is unlimited in design possibilities, uses less metal so it's not only less expensive but less heavy and is far more eco-friendly versus traditional foundry methods. As such, our signs have been used in many applications including:

  • Retail Signs
  • Direction or Wayfinding
  • Washrooms
  • Food Service Industry
  • Places of worship: Churches, Synagogues, etc
  • Municipal offices
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Address Signs
  • Memorials
  • Golf Courses

And much, much more. Please take a look at our gallery for examples by industry.

Custom Metal Signage

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