Custom Golf Signs

Custom golf signs is what our technology is all about. We may not have been around for the very first golf sign but today golf courses around the world come to FusionCast to develop customized golf signage solutions for their courses, clubs, entrance ways and a host of other applications. The benefit to our system is that we combine metal with high density urethane (HDU) that creates the prestigious look and feel of a traditionally made metal sign at a significant savings in weight and cost. That means your shipping, handling and mounting requirements just got easier as did your budget — something everyone appreciates in these challenging economic times.

As for durability, rest assured that your FusionCast tee, wayfinding, directional and entrance signage will last a long, long time. Our Custom golf signs are extra tough, strong and backed by a 10 year warranty on craftsmanship and construction and a 20 year warranty on the substrate. They can withstand all manner of extreme weather conditions without cracking, scratches, stains or warping. Many of our signs appear in Canadian golf courses like Glen Abbey, Legends on the Niagara, Magna and many more where winters bring frigid cold followed by blistering heat and sun in the summer.

But most of all, golf course designers, club managers and special event coordinators come to FusionCast because of our unique design capabilities. We can capture the character of any golf course by following the exacting requirements of your designers or having our in-house artists develop concepts for approval. Texture, colour, shape and even low and high relief images can be incorporated into the design. This means we can provide consistency across multiple signage applications including directionals, washroom signs, utility signs in addition to highly visible tee-markers and entrance way signage.

Custom Golf Plaques

The FusionCast process is especially conducive to recognition plaques (link to fusioncast/achievement-plaques.html), hole in one signs, hall of fame achievement walls and other achievements. Making multiple copies of a plaque easy which means you can keep a copy of an award or plaque at the club as well as give one to the player.

Anyway you slice it, FusionCast can meet the customization requirements of any golf course. One-third of Score Golf's 100 Top Golf Courses in Canada feature FusionCast signage. Shouldn't you check us out? Take a look at our gallery of golf products.

Custom Golf Sign
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Custom Golf Plaques

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