Choosing the Right Sign


This section contains some resources we thought might be helpful with your metal sign or plaque project including some  case studies, how to  prepare artwork, a  brochure  of our golf course work,  memorial refinishing, our own  sign builder  and some  ready-to-buy signs.

We thought we’d start with some advice for choosing the right sign. Naturally we believe FusionCast is ideally suited for any sign or plaque application but that may not be the case in all situations (see  video). Let us explain…

When we developed the FusionCast process, we did so in response to a need we felt was left open by traditional manufacturers of metal signs. We’re talking about foundries that melt metal and pour it into a mould. The process was costly, created a lot of pollution and many times proved inflexible in terms of design possibilities.

The end result, whether a sign, plaque, panel or relief was also VERY HEAVY, so much so that shipping and handling resulted in special packing requirements and of course cost. Finally, mounting and installation of these heavy pieces came with added considerations ”” reinforced walls, heavy-duty mounting brackets and even the services of an engineering firm to ensure safety and zoning compliance.

More recently, we’ve been hearing about the increase of theft of these signs for their melted down “salvage” value. Sure, the payouts were small by pound, but when the solid weight of even small signs was factored in, it could add up to a pretty penny for unscrupulous “recyclers” and a major cost to replace.

We’re not denying that a solid metal sign isn’t good but that it just may not be required in every application ”” especially if cost is a factor. Here are some of the considerations that should factor in your decision:

Is Cost a Consideration?

The material cost alone of a bronze sign can run as high as $5 a pound. Labour in a foundry is highly skilled and therefore well compensated. Given the numerous steps that need to be taken in the process, it all adds up. The FusionCast process also uses bronze but in far smaller amounts since it suspends metal filings in high density urethane. The front of the sign where the metal can be seen and felt has the highest concentration ”” the back being much lower. The process is less labour intensive and therefore less expensive.  If cost is a factor, FusionCast is the right choice.


Solid bronze plaques have been around for centuries. We’ve seen and touched them on monuments, statues and other historical locations. Over time they can acquire a “patina” finish that discolors the metal or they can become very shiny from frequent hand contact. A FusionCast sign is made with high density urethane, the same stuff used in space age technology. It won’t warp, crack, scratch or be affected by mould, midlew or staining. All our products come with a 10 year warranty on craftsmanship and construction and a 20 year warranty on the substrate.  If you require a metal sign that will last centuries, then a traditional metal sign might be the way to go. If you need a durable metal sign that we feel can be just as long-lasting (our lawyers said we had to put in the warranty disclaimers) then FusionCast might be the answer.

Design Opportunities

The FusionCast process is far more accommodating and flexible when compared to its traditional counterpart. That’s why we say the “possibilities are endless”. We can match colour, texture or background at any size. Metal foundries often require you to work within their existing moulds (producing new ones is VERY costly). But FusionCast has no such limitations. We can also work in a variety of metals (bronze, copper and aluminum or a mix of all three!) as well as produce works in  relief. If you have a unique project, one that requires customization or is very specialized, our design team has the experience and knowledge to turn your ideas into reality. Everybody from the country’s most prestigious golf courses to your next door neighbour have entrusted their sign and plaque needs to us. In terms of design potential, FusionCast is second to none.

Making the right choice

When it comes to choosing a sign, we know there are many choices. Things can get confusing or overwhelming given all the options. We’re here to help. If we think your project is better suited to another technology, we’ll tell you as much. We’d rather have satisfied customers who endorse and recommend FusionCast rather than a quick sale.  So if you’re looking for a reliable sign and plaque making solution, give us a call and let’s talk.