Award Plaques

Award plaques are used to recognize individual achievement or accomplishment. But once the event and award ceremonies are over, how can the memory be kept alive? A FusionCast plaque could be the answer.

FusionCast can create custom plaques bearing an individual's name, event, sponsor logos and any other pertinent information for presentation purposes. Often times, our clients put in an order for duplicate copies: one for the recipient and one to go on public display at a club, city hall, school or place of worship. It's a nice way to acknowledge a win or significant achievement over time. It can be like having your own hall of fame.

This is all made possible by FusionCast's Patented process which combines metal with high density urethane (HDU). The look and feel of the award is identical to traditionally made metal plaques but is substantially lighter making handling and mounting much more easy. Additionally, less metal means less cost which we pass on to you.

Here are some of the many award plaque uses to consider:

  • Tournament winner
  • Charity golf events
  • Club presidents
  • Sponsor recognition
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Fund raising
  • Heritage plaques
  • Citizen of the year

The plaques can be made in a variety of metals including bronze, copper and aluminum. Let us how you how a FusionCast plaque can make a big impact at your next award ceremony.

Custom Award Plaques

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