Building Signs

FusionCast has pioneered a new way of making building signs that’s taking the industry by storm. Our patented process combines metal and high density urethane at the molecular level. The result is a strong durable metal sign that comes with additional advantages:

Endless Design Options

FusionCast signs are made to order and can follow any specification including popular metal types (aluminum, copper and bronze), colours, logos and textures. Don’t have a designer? Our in-house art department can help you with the creative process and come up with the right building signage solution. Whether a fully integrated sign, logo cut out or channel letters, our technology is ideally suited for corporate signs, directional signage, entrance signage, address signs, restroom signs and more.


Durable Building Signs

Urethane made products are some of the strongest on earth — they’ve even been used in space travel. Our custom signs and plaques won’t warp, chip, scratch, stain, become mouldy or be impacted by severe fluctuations in the weather — both hot and cold.

Lighter Building Signage

FusionCast signs are significantly lighter. This means shipping, handling and installation all become that much easier. A traditionally made metal sign weighs a lot and would require special mounting brackets or substrates. Some even require the services of an engineer to assess the integrity of the installation. Our cold cast signs don’t run into this problem.


Less Expensive Building Signs

Since our signs use less metal, they are less expensive to make — savings we can pass on to our customers. This is in addition to the savings incurred with having a lighter sign to handle, ship and install.

Eco-Friendly Signs for Buildings

The FusionCast process is very eco-friendly since we don’t melt metal in a foundry. Our “cold-cast” process emits no airborne or solid waste pollutants. Moreover, we are able to recycle 95% of the materials used in the process. So you can rest assured that when you specify FusionCast, you are playing a small part in keeping our planet green and diverting waste from landfill.

Take a look at our GALLERY and the many signs we’ve created for retail stores, hotels, offices, churches, schools, municipal applications and much, much more!