Introducing a revolutionary new metal casting technology

We use a cold casting process that results in highly customizable, durable and lightweight signage products. The process is eco-friendly and best of all, more economical than other cast metal methods. Our signs, plaques and related signage products provide an endless array of possibilities for any application (indoors and out).

Golf Courses

FusionCast is a leader in property signage and information platforms for public and private golf courses around the world. Our extensive experience, highlighted with outstanding products and service, has earned us an industry reputation second to none.

Memorials / Dedications

Our ability to create customized commemorative recognition and dedication products is what makes our technology unique. We've worked with funeral homes, churches, synagogues and a variety of other organizations to forge lasting impressions in metal.

Architecture / Business

When it comes to commercial signage, we're in business. Whether it's with the assistance of our design team or adhereing to your exacting specs, FusionCast can create everything from functional wayfinding to corporate branding solutions.

Home / Cottage

Want to make a personal statement as unique as you are? Our home and cottage signs will have you standing out from the crowd. They're durable, eco-friendly, economical and limited in design only by imagination--making them a great gift idea as well.

Bronze Memorial Signs

In Loving Memory...

With FusionCast, making a personalized tribute to a lost pet is not only possible but very affordable. Other bronze plaque manufacturers only offer small templated options in limited shapes and sizes. Our process has no such limitations so your pet's memorial can be as unique as your time with them.

Affordable bronze dedications have opened up a world of opportunities to memorialize important people and events including: achievement plaques, donor trees, bench plaques, donor walls, heritage plaques, monument signs and sporting achievements to name just a few...


Saving You "Dollar Signs?"

The Patented FusionCast process cuts the cost of making bronze signs with other practical benefits as well:

  • FusionCast signs are lighter making them easier to handle and ship
  • Lighter signs are less expensive to mount and install
  • Our signs deter theft by unscrupulous metal recyclers
  • Making duplicate signs is very cost effective
  • The FusionCast process is environmentally friendly

If you're not using FusionCast, chances are you paid too much!


Making a Big Splash at the Falls

FusionCast's cold casting technology is ideal for creating historical plaques. The results are indistinguishable from their bronze foundry counterparts in appearance and touch but come with significant savings in terms of weight and cost.

In today's economic climate municipalities need to find ways to save money yet still promote civic pride and tourism. Now identifying a heritage building, important event or celebrated citizen is that much more feasible. See how the City of Niagara Falls worked with FusionCast to create a series of architectural relief plaques.


Golf Courses Turn to FusionCast

Since 1999, FusionCast has been creating the industry's largest and most versatile selection of cast metal golf course signs with an endless array of styles, shapes, colours, textures, mounting options and more. Some of the finest courses have entrusted us with their brand on entrance signage, yardage markers, tee signs, wayfinding and a lot, lot more.

We continue to be a complete management partner and product supply resource for private, public, municipal and resort golf destinations around the world. Come and see the company we keep along with a gallery of examples.


Cottage "Sign" Industry

Sure you can buy a house number with an image of a loon at a big box retailer but for those looking to represent their home or cottage in a more personal way, we have the solution. Our design team can help you with your napkin drawn concepts and turn them into professional looking designs. We can add texture, images in relief and colour in a variety of metals (bronze, aluminum and copper) to create a sign as unique as your family, association or small business.


"Relief Picture"

A bronze relief is like an extruded three dimensional image. It can be "low" relief like the surface of a coin or "high" relief resembling more of a sculpture rather than flat texture. When Darth Vader ordered Han Solo frozen in carbonite, the resulting slab with pushed out body and facial features, is an example of "high" relief.

The FusionCast process can achieve these same effects in both low and high relief and have done so in a variety of applications from textured backgrounds for golf signs to images of saints on bronze church plaques. This is just one of the many customization benefits of the FusionCast process.


OPEN for Business

Endless design possibilities at a lower cost is why more and more businesses use FusionCast for their metal signage needs. We have worked with architects and designers alike to produce commercial signs, channel lettering, logos, ADA compliant signs, directional wayfinding, traffic signs and much, much more. The durable nature of our process makes our products equally suited for indoor and outdoor use.


What we do:
Achievement Plaques Achievement Plaques
Custom Golf Signs Custom Golf Signs
Directional Signs Directional Signs
Entrance Signs Entrance Signs
Golf Awards Golf Awards
Golf Course Signs Golf Course Signs
Golf Tee Signs Golf tee Signs
Golf Sign Golf Signs
Golf Plaques Golf plaques
Hall of Fame Plaques Hall of Fame Plaques
Hole in One Plaques Hole in One Plaques
Recognition Plaques Recognition Plaques
Retractable Signs Retractable Signs
Washroom Signs Washroom Signs
Wayfinding Signage Wayfinding Signage
Yardage Markers Yardage Markers
Aluminum Signs Aluminum Signs
Achievement Plaques Achievement Plaques
Award Plaques Award Plaques
Bas Relief Sculpture Bas Relief Sculpture
Bench Plaques Bench Plaques
Bronze Casting Bronze Casting
Bronze plaques Bronze Plaques
Bronze Grave Markers Bronze Grave Markers
Church Signs Church Signs
Commemorative Plaques Commemorative Plaques
Custom Plaques Custom Plaques
Dedication Plaques Dedication Plaques
Donor Wall Donor Wall
Funeral Home Signs Funeral Home Signs
Grave Memorial Plaque Grave Memorial Plaque
Hall of Fame Plaques Hall of Fame Plaques
Historical Plaques Historical Plaque
Low Relief Low Relief
Mausoleum Plates Mausoleum Plates
Memorial Plaques Memorial Plaques
Metal Casting Metal Casting
Military Awards Military Awards
Military Plaques Military Plaques
Monument Signs Monument Signs
Niche Plates Niche Plates
Pet Plaques Pet Plaques
Plaques and Awards Plaques and Awards
Recognition Trees Recognition Trees
Recognition Wall Recognition Wall
Restroom Signs Restroom Signs
Tree Plaques Tree Plaques
Address Signs
Architectural Signs
Aluminum Signage
Attorney Signs
Bathroom Signs
Boathouse/Bunkie/Guest Rooms Signs
Bronze Signs
Business Sign
Church Signage
Clinic Signs
Club Signs
College Signs
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Custom Metal Signs
Custom Signs
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Dimensional Letters
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Home Signs
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