Introducing a revolutionary new metal casting technology

We use a cold casting process that results in highly custom, durable and lightweight signage solutions. The process is eco-friendly and best of all, more economical than other cast metal methods. Our signs, plaques and related signage products provide an endless array of possibilities for any application (indoors and out). Learn More. Are you a Sign Professional?

golf course signs

Golf Courses

FusionCast is a leader in property signage and information systems for public and private golf courses around the world. Our extensive experience, highlighted with outstanding products and service, has earned us an industry reputation second to none.

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commercial signs


When it comes to commercial signage, we're in business. Whether it's with the assistance of our design team or adhering to your exacting technical specifications, FusionCast can help with corporate branding signs, functional wayfinding, heritage and more.

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home and cottage signs

Home / Cottage

Want to make a personal statement as unique as you are? Our home and cottage signs will have you standing out from the crowd. They're durable, eco-friendly, economical and limited in design only by imagination--making them a great gift idea as well.

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memorial signs


Our ability to create customized commemorative recognition and dedication plaques is what makes our technology unique. We've worked with funeral homes, churches, synagogues and a variety of other organizations to forge lasting impressions in metal.

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